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At UKG, Our Purpose Is People. Built from a merger that created one of the largest cloud companies in the world, UKG believes organizations succeed when they focus on their people. As a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, and workforce management solutions, UKG’s award-winning Pro, Dimensions, and Ready solutions help tens of thousands of organizations across geographies and in every industry drive better business outcomes, improve HR effectiveness, streamline the payroll process, and help make work a better experience for everyone. With more than 12,000 employees around the globe, UKG’s own workplace culture has been named a best place to work, including consecutive years on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. To learn more, visit ukg.com.

GetFive is a leading provider of scalable solutions in Modern Outplacement (moving on) and Career Management (moving up). We help employer brands reach their full potential through Active Engagement™. Invest in the success of your employees and watch your employer brand thrive! Learn more at getfive.com.

At Mercer, we make a difference in the lives of more than 110 million people every day by advancing their health, wealth and careers. We’re in the business of creating more secure and rewarding futures for our clients and their employees — whether we’re designing affordable health plans, assuring income for retirement, or aligning workers with workforce needs. Using analysis and insights as catalysts for change, we anticipate and understand the individual impact of business decisions, now and in the future. We see people’s current and future needs through a lens of innovation, and our holistic view, specialized expertise, and deep analytical rigor underpin each and every idea and solution we offer. For more than 70 years, we’ve turned our insights into actions, enabling people around the globe to live, work, and retire well. At Mercer, we say we Make Tomorrow, Today.

We believe that training should be a life-changing experience accessible to anyone — regardless of seniority or location — to ensure a more productive, equitable, and human workplace.

That’s why we blend the best of technology with cutting-edge behavioral science to create effective and engaging learning experiences that mirror the way teams work today. Hone empowers transformational change through expert-led cohort-based classes and a powerful technology platform, while giving L&D and HR leaders data-driven insights and tools to scale and advance their organizations.

With healthcare costs rising year-after-year combined with $325 BILLION of medical bill fraud and overcharges each year, it is no surprise medical Bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. Now with many employer groups implementing high-deductible healthcare plans, employees are seeing more bills, leading to confusion frustration. Who is looking out for them?

HealthLock was created to do just that. Via our proprietary platform, HeathLock is monitoring around the clock to protect our members against medical ID theft, fraud, and data breaches. Our mission is to keep your medical data private, secure, and protected. On top of the security we provide, employee’s medical bills will be scanned and verified ok to pay. If we find any issues with the bill (Upwards of 40% of medical bills have some type of error), our auditing team will go to work to remediate on behalf of the member and recoup any lost dollars.

Technology has transformed our daily personal experiences, but has yet to fully penetrate our daily work lives. Employers are now ready to leverage technology to help their employees work, live, and earn better.

Technology has transformed our daily personal experiences, but has yet to fully penetrate our daily work lives. Employers are now ready to leverage technology to help their employees work, live, and earn better.

We connect a strategic network of people-focused stakeholders who work together to create value for employers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

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